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Reviewing Reports at Desk

Deeper insights drive intentional transformation.

Adding assessments to your development experience can uncover blindspots, illuminate flat sides, highlight strengths, and support greater understanding and cohesion across your team. Our portfolio includes both individual and 360-degree tools to assess:

  • Leadership skills

  • Team Make-up / Strengths

  • Decision making skills

  • Communication styles

  • Personality differences

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Motivators

  • Inner Dialogue / Self-talk

  • ...and more!


We leverage a variety of assessments and can guide you in selecting the one that will provide the most utility for your unique situation. 


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We don't use cookie cutters.

Let's craft a customized solution that's as unique as your team! Reach out below to tell us more about you and your needs.

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VERTICAL specializes in providing team and leader development solutions tailored for values-driven organizations, business leaders, and churches.

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